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Speakers & Coaches
Ron White 

Ron has spoken on memory skills all over the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Canada, Thailand, Afghanistan and even Nebraska!

Ron is considered to be the world's foremost memory expert and trainer. He has memorized the names of 200 people in 15 minutes even more times than he can remember! Audiences have long marveled at his ability to memorize a 60 digit number in less than 90 seconds or memorize a deck of shuffled cards in a flash. Every audience Ron shares his talk with leaves laughing, amazed and empowered that they can do the same thing!

He has delivered tailored workshops for General Motors, Microsoft, Toyota, Honda, American Airlines, Cisco Systems, Boy Scouts of America, Lexus, Coldwell Banker, Pfizer, Century 21 and thousands more around the world.

Ron has appeared on over 200 radio programs, FOX television, newspapers and magazines all over the world. In August of 2003, Ron was the guest on the British television program, 'Simply the Best' in which he demonstrated how anyone could train their mind to think more effectively. In July of 2005, he appeared on CBS television's Great Day San Antonio and The Trinity Broadcasting Network. In January 2006, was a guest on the Discovery Channel's 'Dr. Know' series discussing memory myths.

Ron is the author of 2 books and over a dozen personal development audio programs including his best selling 'Memory in a Month' 6 CD album sold around the world everyday. Ron promises to memorize a 40 digit number live for your group that the group creates and he never sees and then teach them memory skills to do the same and catapult their business!!

He is also a proud member of the US Navy currently serving as a reservist and returned December 2007 from serving a tour in Afghanistan.

Jeff Klein

Jeff Klein of Klein Creative speaks to business groups, networking groups, Chambers of Commerce, Associations, and other organizations. Jeff has been helping businesses craft and communicate their messages for over 23 years. He founded Klein Creative in 2001. Since 2004, Jeff has reached thousands of professionals as a public speaker and helped many increase their results and grow their businesses.

His creativity and enthusiasm can help anyone in sales improve the results they generate from business networking and advertising.


Coach Rick Kolster

Coach Rick is many things; he is a highly sought after Executive Coach, Author of
the just released book Selling For Geniuses and Founder of Peak Performance

Coach Rick has over 25 years of business experience with numerous companies,
including Fox Sports TV. His business knowledge encompasses restaurant and
hospitality services, Sales and building high performing team.

You see, Rick is not only a public speaker. He is a communicator. He gives the
subject he speaks on his own personal straight forward, no holds bared, no            nonsense take on how to improve your life both professionally and personally.       People say it is amazing at how they can hear one of Rick's ideas presented and  how they will want  to make those ideas a reality in their lives and the lives of the  people they lead.

Rick has become known as an expert in building teams, leading change and
developing managers into leaders. Coach Rick says:

"I Coach-You Win"

John Carroll 

Mr. Carroll is the founder and CEO of Tres Coaching Services, a business coaching, consulting and training services company located in Keller, Texas. He has more than 30 years of business experience in sales, marketing and operations leadership assignments, and works with solo entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them dramatically improve their sales and marketing performance, and more efficiently manage their business operations. During his career, John has developed and led diverse regional and national business operations within Fortune 100, mid-size and emerging companies that have generated over $1 billion in new contracts and revenues. Mr. Carroll has received numerous sales leadership awards, and was recognized by both Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals, and the Global Registry of Outstanding Professionals and Entrepreneurs for his outstanding sales and marketing leadership contributions.


Becky Hammer

Becky is the founder and CEO of Hammer Consulting Services.

Becky excels in taking great ideas and turning them into workable, successful business plans. Her expertise comes from 20 years of experience working in the corporate office of a Fortune 500 company.  During that time she progressively fulfilled many different roles including computer programming, management, project management, process evaluation and improvement, strategic development, and HR focused initiatives.  Working with every department across the corporation, executive leadership would continually depend on Becky to
facilitate projects and help with complex process situations.  She has a
passion for helping people and companies review their business and solve
problems.  She holds a BBA in Computer Science, a MS in Psychology, and is a
Project Management Professional (PMP).  Currently she is a provider of
program management, business process consulting, and writing services in the
Dallas and Fort Worth area.

Ross Paterson

Ross is the owner and head coach of The Growth Coach DFW. He has been leading, coaching and focusing organizations for high impact in a wide variety of environments for 20 years.  He spent the first six years of his professional journey as an infantry officer in the US Army where he culminated his career as a company commander in the 101st Airborne Division. He then transitioned into the business world leading manufacturing teams, processes and  joint ventures inside General Electric’s transportation, appliance and lighting businesses. Later working with small businesses as a process consultant and coach, Ross helped found and lead an international development organization, building networks, coaching, training and mobilizing resources to build schools, medical facilities and businesses in Afghanistan, Indonesia, and Africa.
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