Power of the Pride Training Systems
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About Us
Power of the Pride Training Systems was founded by Richard Kittrell in 2004. A self admitted "Train-aholic", Richard founded  POPTS to be a resource of quality training and mentoring for individuals and businesses. Richard states,"We all have dreams, whether we realize it or not, and the Power of the Pride is here to help others (and me) make those dreams come true."

 "It's one thing to get up on a dias and share your knowledge with a audience.", he says,"However, my fulfillment comes from mentoring a student and passing on my wisdom."  He uses this principle in the process of inviting coaches and trainers into  Power of the Pride's speakers bureau. They must have the desire and goal of imparting not only knowledge but in instilling wisdom in their students.

When you contract to do business with a Power of the Pride trainer, you know that the coach will not only impart knowledge in the area you are seeking assistance, but will also mentor you in turning that knowledge into wisdom.

"Power of the Pride" refers to the hunting habits of lions. When other animals hunt on the Savannah, they hunt alone and often go after the smaller game. However, lions hunt in prides , each with a special skill to employee on the hunt. As a result, they can hunt the larger game because they have "harnessed the power of the pride."

This is the second principle in choosing trainers and speakers in the Pride. We don't ask  our trainers to do everything. We ask them to mentor in there "area of specialty." That way the client knows that they are getting the best of the best.

Finally, our website is a resource for articles, books, and other training materials meant to grow you, your business, and your relationships with others and yourself.

Our mission and purpose can be summed up in this statement.

"We support you so that your dreams DO come true."

For more info or to contact us at Power of the Pride Training Systems email to
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